Yoram Yasur Rubin: 6 signs that you are a more creative person than the normal

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Being creative is one of the most beautiful skills we can possess. Creating, devising, planning and finding solutions is fun, it makes us more sensitive, more empathetic and more agile in finding answers to our problems.

However, we do not all believe ourselves to be creative or capable of great creations, without knowing that this quality can be developed and even exercised to explode it for the best. We can all be creative; we simply have to focus on it. There are some signs that can determine your creativity:

No.1 You like to impose your authority:

Without anyone asking you, you always proclaim yourself the leader of the groups; You do not do it authoritatively, you just feel the need to take the reins and you do it.

No.2 You like to solve problems:

Lover of the riddles and the big problems. You like to exercise your mind: the greater the complexity of the problem, the more fun. Do you know the best part? That you are so stubborn that you never leave a problem unsolved.

No. 3 You’re your worst critic:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “You know your hobbies and you know you could have done a little better. In other words, you are your greatest critic. You do not let anything escape you and when something goes wrong you really suffer. But also don’t be so pushy on yourself since that will block your creativity”.

yoram yasur signs-creative-person-normal

No.4 You can do many things at once, multitasking is everything:

No matter how concentrated your task may be, you’ll always be able to be in more than one conversation at a time. Your friends do not know how you do it, but the truth is that you always listen and participate in everything.

No. 5 You do not have a filter:


“You are of those people who say what you feel without caring. About social conventions or what is politically correct. You say the first thing that comes out of your mouth and at that time”.

No. 6 You hate stereotypes:

Putting people in a box because of how they think. Or how they dress is something that does not go with you. When you see others do not you understand how they can catalog people. Without even knowing them. It’s annoying!

Do you have any of these characteristics?

I told you! You’re more creative than you thought…

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Yoram Yasur Rubin Symptoms of hypochondriacal disorder

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Most hypochondriacs are constantly terrified at the thought of having a physical illness. It does not mean that people suffering. From hypo-chondriacal disorder are telling lies about their symptoms. But actually assume any sign of the body as a medical condition in which they are sick.

Warning symptoms of a hypochondriac that is nearby!

There are thousands of people who diagnose themselves with regard to multiple diseases. Ideally, take things slow and trust the specialists. However, if you pass the above with you or a person close to you. The following information will help you identify. If the syndrome of the hypo-chondriacal disorder.

  1. Some are very concerned about a specific organ or body system, such as the heart or the digestive system.
  2. The nervousness that produces being seriously ill prevents normality at work, family and social life.
  3. They may suffer from anxiety, nervousness. Also depression.
  4. People who have a history of visiting many doctors and not getting a diagnosis that convinces them. Probably go through a hypochondriacal disorder.
  5. Many who face these symptoms completely change their interests.
  6. Nor the tranquility that a doctor can emit in his diagnosis can alleviate. Also the idea that something worse happeninhg in their organism.
  7. The tests are repeated over and over again.
  8. Usually a hypochondriac can trigger its condition for a loss or stressful event.

yoram yasur hypochondriacal-disorder

Causes of hypochondriasis:

In fact, there is no known cause of this type of syndrome but there are risk factors. Also that could increase the chances of an adult developing this disease, pay attention:

  • History of severe childhood illness.
  • Low ability to express emotions.
  • Susceptibility to inherit the disorder.
  • A family member with a serious illness.
  • A history of physical or sexual abuse.

Yoram Yasur Rubin:

“It is true that the diagnosis for this type of disease could be very difficult for specialists. Because people with hypochondriacal disorder are so convinced that their symptoms are caused by a medical illness, they seem real”.

“When the doctor performs rigorous examinations. And also does not find data that allow him to give a part of that a physical illness. Affects the patient must make the decision to refer to a psychologist, answer that a hypochondriac is not expected”.

If you know someone who has these symptoms together.

you can encourage the person to go to a psychologist or consult your specialist. In what ways you can help the person to reverse his idea that he is sick.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Is it true that your stomach shrinks or enlarges depending on how much you eat?

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Many of us have wondered at some point whether or not the stomach. Actually shrinks or enlarges depending on how much food we eat.

So that’s it. The more we eat (over a considerable period), the greater the size of our stomach.

yoram yasur stomach-enlarges-depend-eat


So, if we wanted to lose weight should we eat less so our stomach is shrinking?

Actually, the stomach is a flexible organ but its size does not change. In any case, it is stretched or contracted depending on the quantity. And frequency at which we consume the food.

This means that if we allow a considerable time to our stomach, it will conform according to our diet …

Flexibility of the stomach:

When we incorporate large amounts of food between 3 and 4 times a day increases the dispensability of the stomach; That is, the ability of their walls to stretch. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Think of it as the effect that would be on your biceps if you exercise 3 times a day”.

In contrast, when we eat less food the capacity of the stomach reduces. However, the result is not immediate. It takes about a month and a half for the stomach to transit the gradual reduction process. Once the size of the stomach is reduced, you will feel fuller with less food.

Because your brain will send signals that it is enough. However, it is important to emphasize that the sensation of hunger is influenced by other variables such as stress, nerves, hormonal levels and psychological elements that also have their influence on the stomach.

How to achieve it in a healthy way:


“Given these data, we should ingest small amounts of food throughout the day without leaving too much time between meal and meal”. This advice that so many nutritionists seek to communicate is based on a simple reason: to keep our energy levels high and to avoid sugar drops before meals (not to eat too much food at once).

But what does a small portion mean? What is small for some may be too large for others … To tell the truth, it is not possible to mark a specific measure for everyone. Each person, according to their physical and psychic needs, will evaluate the amount that they really need to eat according to their tastes. Do not hesitate to seek personalized advice if you think you may need it.


Most nutritionists say that eating small portions several times a day is the ideal formula for weight loss. However, you must keep in mind that the processes of the stomach do not transform from one day to the next. Feeling more satisfied can take at least 5 weeks.

In short, the stomach is flattened or enlarged depending on what you eat, how much and how long. It is also convenient to take into account the times in which this process is concretized so as not to discourage us and, at 2 weeks, return to an unhealthy diet for our body. We hope that this information will be useful and that you take into account to follow healthy eating habits and to your measure.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: These exercises will enhance your happiness

Yoram Yasur Rubin | When we think of the word “exercise” the first thing that comes to mind is sweat and effort. And we can say that there are hundreds of people in the world passionate about the gym.

Weights and extreme physical activity. But we know that this type of exercise is not for everyone simply. Because it requires certain physical abilities, a particular space where to do it. And, most of the times, a specific schedule marked by the gym.

Fortunately, there are other ways of exercising the body that are not related to strict and tiring routines.

In this sense, low impact physical activity is a healthy and accessible. Alternative for all that can contribute greatly to make us happier. But what does physical activity have to do with happiness?

According to science, a lot. This type of exercise not only tone the muscles. And reduce the body pain, but also helps to decrease the stress.

To calm the anxiety and to feel sensation of pleasure. This closely resembles the idea of ​​happiness, right?

So, today I will tell you about exercises that will help you feel better. About yourself and remind you how beautiful and happy life can be.


yoram yasur exercises-enhance-happy


1. Swimming:

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises. In fact, there are numerous investigations that support this theory.

It is that swimming is ideal for working the body resistance without demanding too much of the joints.

In addition, it sets in motion the whole body. Which helps the release of endorphins that contribute to minimize stress levels.

Just remember that it is recommended to start with a moderate level of exigency. Because excess can generate anxiety; that is, the opposite effect you are looking for.

2. Yoga:

Yoga is recognized all over the world and today we can say that it is fashionable. But, although it is a trend (with ancestral origin), yoga is one of the best ways to cultivate happiness. The postures that are posed are all low impact although some can be quite intense.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “But in yoga the fundamental work is not done by the body but by the mind. It improves concentration, promotes positive thinking and reduces the stress of daily life. Even science has shown that yogis live happier”.

So if you are intrigued to learn about this ancient discipline. Full of wisdom you just have to take your mat and look for a class near your home.

3. Cycling:

“Some people are professionally dedicated to cycling and practice it with certain rigor. But you do not need to be an experienced rider to enjoy the benefits of this sport”.

A long and quiet walk through a natural site is the perfect recipe to escape the noise.


And uproar of the city and to help you relax the muscles and calm the mind. So if you had a black day, take your bike and salt to roll.

You will see that the movement and fresh air will reconnect you with the immense beauty of life.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Ways to detoxify your body that really work

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Everything “detox” has become fashionable. And like everything that becomes trend, at some point arises the doubt. Does it work?


yoram yasur detoxify-body-really-work


In short, detoxifying is a process in which the metabolism is accelerated and a healthy state. Strengthened in which you can maintain yourself in time.

It should be noted that some methods are more detoxifying than others. For example, we could say that juices are one more element that could be added to a detox plan. But, of course, no one imagines releasing your body from all toxins just by drinking a lemon juice with vegetables.

The good news is that to detox you don’t need to attend specialized classes. And invest much money in it. In effect, you can decide to transform your body from the inside out. It is enough to make some modifications with respect to the alimentary habits, physical and mental …

1. Hydrate your body:

The first step in starting to detoxify your body is to drink more water. There is no set amount per day that can be recommended for everyone. It is that not everyone has to drink 3 liters of water per day. Rather, what you should do is learn to listen to your body. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “When you feel thirsty, drink water. This way your body will become a habit to cleanse of toxins. And you will see the benefits in the short term”.

2. Choose food carefully:

The nutrients your body needs for life (and to detoxify) are not found. In processed foods as they have a lot of additives and pesticides that are harmful to your body. On the other hand, there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are available and provide vitamins. Minerals and fatty acids that your body really needs.

Then choose the season (because they will be cooler) and combine different colors. You can also incorporate legumes, seeds. And foods of whole grains that detoxify your intestine and cleanse your body.

3. Fights environmental pollutants:

“Environmental pollution is a problem that we cannot escape. It’s in the streets, in the office and in our own house”.


There are even some countries in which its inhabitants have to walk the streets with chinstrap to avoid the effects of smog. If we cannot avoid them, at least we can try to make some changes in our daily life. For example, you can clean your nostrils with a tissue and try to ingest the least amount of smoke passively. This does not solve the problem but at least it will allow you to breathe a slightly cooler air and you will get a less interference of the toxins from the environment.

4. Drink more tea.

Tea is one of the antioxidant drinks par excellence. The caffeine found in this beverage is more “friendly” than the one present in the coffee. It also hydrates your body and generates a feeling of satiety. A good idea is to replace the morning coffee or the afternoon with a cup of herbal tea. Green tea is also an interesting option when it comes to detoxifying your body and it is very easy to get.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Food that you can freeze and that will save you a lot of money

Yoram Yasur Rubin | It’s time to start saving. Not everything in life is spending and spending and spending. Especially if we have a freezer.

Believe it or not, it is a great advantage. Because it allows us to save many more food than we thought and not spend as much on food!

Pay attention because all this can be frozen, read on!

1. Cheese:

The cheese can be frozen as long as it is stored in a suitable bag in which no air is collected. To prevent lumps from thawing, add one or two tablespoons of cornstarch. You can also grate it in case it is hard cheese and store it in the freezer. It lasts a long time.

2. Rice:

Cook the rice in a fountain over lards and take it to the freezer. Just place the portions in sealed bags and leave in the freezer. It will take you much less cooking time.

3. Corn:

An easy way to freeze corn is to place it directly along with the leaves that cover it without removing anything. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “When you want to consume it, you can defrost it for about 5 minutes with the help of the microwave oven without removing the wrap”.


yoram yasur food-freeze-save-money


4. Pasta:

If you never make the right amount of pasta and you always have plenty left, I want to tell you that you have an advantage, because you can fry it once cooked. Just store it in a special bag and remove as much air as you can. To defrost it, place the bag under the stream of hot water for a few minutes.

5. Pesto:

If you love pesto you will know that basil is not available at any time of the year and to do so with dehydrated basil is not the same. So, a good idea is to get several plants and make a lot of them. Then equal portions should be placed in ice cubes and frozen. Finally it is only necessary to place the cubes inside thermal bags and to freeze until the moment of use.

Of course, you should not put salt.


“The same can be done with the tomato sauce when you do not use all the can or container. Put it in ice cubes and let it freeze until you need to use it”.

Is not everything great you can keep in the freezer? I find it a great saving of money and time to shop. Just remember one thing: if you need to freeze any kind of vegetables, you only have to whiten it, that is to say to cut it and to put it for one or two minutes in boiling water.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Skipping breakfast to lose weight

Yoram Yasur Rubin | At present, we find some diets that say that skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight. However, experts advise against it, as it is characterized by being the most important meal of the day. We explain below.


yoram yasur skipping-breakfast-weight


An expert in Nutrition and Gastronomy and spokesperson for the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO). Says breakfast is fundamental because of the time that elapses. From the previous day’s dinner to the first meal of the next. That our body remain for a long time without receiving nutrients. The specialist explains that the trends that indicate the rhythm that follows the body are two:

Daytime: from six in the morning six in the afternoon.

Nighttime: from six pm to six in the morning.

Taking the necessary nutrients in the activation phase or diurnal phase is essential. The best way to do this is through a complete breakfast that combines all the macronutrients and micronutrients necessary to accompany the rhythm of nutrition to the demands of every moment of the day.

What does it mean not to have breakfast?

“When our body begins to move and to think after 12 or 15 hours without eating nothing will begin to demand a series of nutrients that will not have, so we will notice fatigue, physical and cerebral fatigue and we will not have the same mental agility”.

So, does skipping breakfast help us lose weight? The expert says not having breakfast can help you lose weight, but not lose weight. The latter defines it as “losing fat volume”.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “When the body detects that we are not eating, it begins to slow down the metabolism, increasing the energy-saving system. In this way, a lower caloric expenditure is produced and it is caused that when the food enters the body it is stored as fat”.

In addition, the specialist indicates that skipping breakfast on a regular basis can cause food imbalances. When the body does not get a response to its demand for nutrients, it must look for them elsewhere, thus reducing the stores of vitamins and minerals. If it occurs in a habitual way can appear health problems.

Breakfast adequate:

Proper breakfast should include a little of each macronutrient. The IMEO spokesperson speaks of integral carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins of high biological value. He exemplifies it as follows: a slice of rye bread with crushed tomatoes, olive oil and Iberian ham.

In short, eating too little during the day promotes evening and night anxiety, which would be a bad decision to lose weight, as binges can occur. If you want to lose weight the least you must do is three meals and recommended five,” says the expert.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: How to treat fungus on the skin

Yoram Yasur Rubin | There are several reasons why we can get a yeast infection; That is why we explain how to treat fungi on the skin, as not all require the same type of treatment.


yoram yasur treat-fungus-skin


How to Treat Skin Fungus:

Fungus infections are due to a germ that comes in contact with the skin (although they may also appear on the nails, mouth or vagina); One of the best known is the so-called athlete’s foot or tinea pedis, which usually runs between the toes producing itchy, unpleasant odor and peeling.

In rare cases, fungal infections occur internally; but if they do they can turn out to be serious. Having fungus is not rare or considered dangerous, but should be treated.

Treatment of skin fungi:

Antifungal drugs kill fungi, and many times they combine two different formats: for example, the application of a cream with oral medication. The drugs that are applied to kill the fungi of the skin, are mostly topical, the ones of external use. Depending on each case, the doctor may prescribe:

  • Anti fungal shampoo (for scalp infections)
  • Creams (used in skin infections)
  • Soaps (for skin infections)
  • Aerosols (for external use)
  • Oral medication (some known as miconazole or nystatin, for internal, nail, mouth or vaginal infections)
  • Injections (used for serious infections in the body)

“For fungi of the skin there are various treatments that are bought and used externally; However, for the athlete’s foot one very effective is to wash their feet several times a day with vinegar and water, taking care to dry them very well”.

Homemade remedy for athlete’s foot:

Dilute salt in water (must be warm). Pour in suitable container, dip your  feet and let about 10 minutes, or until the water cools, dry well and apply talc or baking soda to keep them dry, repeat several times a day for at least 2 weeks.

Anti-fungal Side Effects:

With the exception of injections, the rest does not usually have major side effects, unless you are suffering from another disease or are taking medication for another condition in parallel; In this case the doctor must be informed. There is a wide range of fungicide products that are over-the-counter in pharmacies.

Duration of treatment for fungi:

The duration of treatment for fungi on the skin is very relative, as it depends on how the skin of the person is affected; It can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Did you know how to treat fungus on the skin? Do you usually suffer from these infections?

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Causes of nightmares

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Nightmares usually occur when we sleep more deeply during the REM phase. At this stage the eyes move quickly. But our body is paralyzed as the brain disconnects the motor zones. To avoid that we can move and hurt us during one of those dreams. However, what causes nightmares?

– Too much stress.

Stress is one of the main triggers of nightmares. Tensions accumulated throughout the day can have repercussions on dreams as the dream activity is often an expression of our daily fears and concerns. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Heidelberg in 840 high performance athletes Revealed that 15% of them used to have nightmares before the competition. Therefore, if you are very stressed, those tensions are likely to manifest during sleep.

– Expose yourself to a shocking situation before bedtime. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “The last thing you do before bedtime greatly influences your dreams. So, if you see a horror movie, you’re reading a creepy book or you’ve received shocking news, those latest experiences are likely to be reflected in your dreams”. Even the violent scenes or news you see on the TV can be reflected in your dreams, although when you are awake think that they have not impacted you. Therefore, if you want to sleep peacefully, you should make sure that nothing disturbs the last few hours before you go to bed.

– Little sleep. It has been found that long periods of sleep deprivation cause an increase in nightmares. Contrary to popular belief, when we do not get enough sleep our brain goes into a state of excitement that makes it difficult to reconcile a restful sleep. That’s the reason nightmares are more vivid when you sleep for several days. In fact, they are also more common in people who suffer from chronic pain and have trouble sleeping.

– Negative life experiences.

“Dreams embody many details of our everyday life, though usually in an abstract way”. That is why, the most common thing is that nightmares revolve around the experiences we have had throughout the day. In fact, a study carried out at Harvard University that analyzed the dreams and nightmares of 20 people, concluded that the most usual is to appear content for the last two or seven days. Although in some cases the cause of the nightmare is older and goes back to autobiographical experiences, especially if they have been shocking and we have not completely overcome them.

– Characteristics of personality.

Certain person logical features can make us more likely to have nightmares. A study in the 1980s found that people who had nightmares often also shared three traits: mistrust, alienation, and emotional detachment. Another study in The Graduate Theological Union revealed that people who have a more conservative political tendency also report more nightmares than liberals.

– Diseases and Drugs.

Sometimes the cause of nightmares is in an illness. Studies have found that people with epilepsy, sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome are more likely to have nightmares because they have a more irregular sleep pattern. Bad dreams are also common in people suffering from depression, phobias, and post-traumatic stress. In addition, it is known that some medications can increase the chances of having nightmares. Especially those that alter the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as antidepressants, antiparkinsonians, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines.

– Dinner too copious.

Eating too much before going to bed is one of the causes of nightmares because it implies that you will not have done the digestion properly, so that your metabolism will be more active, will increase body temperature and, thus, stimulate brain activity. This way, you may not be able to sleep well and have nightmares.

What if nightmares were ways to solve our problems?


yoram yasur causes-nightmares


The good news is that not all evil comes to do harm. In fact, one of the theories that tries to explain the origin and meaning of nightmares hypothesizes. That they are due to that at that moment we are thinking about some complicated matter. And our mind tries to deal with it. During the day, when we think of something that stresses or frightens us. We simply push that idea out of our mind by engaging in another activity, but when we are asleep. Our mind wanders aimlessly and we cannot resort to distractions. Then the nightmares appear.

Per this theory, in many cases nightmares are responsible for reproducing difficult scenarios to help us. Find solutions that can serve us during the day. Or simply to incite us to react to adversity. In this way, even if they frighten us, they would not be so “bad”.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Emotional intelligence

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Today we hear a lot about these two words: emotional intelligence. It is that the society in which we live not only values. The logical intelligence dominated by the left hemisphere. Gradually begins to discover and ponder those aspects of the person that are linked to the management of emotions and empathy.


yoram yasur emotional-intelligence


Emotional intelligence picks up the concepts that belong to the world of feelings and that allows the human being to develop in an integral way in the world today. These are 10 characteristics that define a person with emotional intelligence, discover if you are one of them!

1. Are empathic:

People with emotional intelligence can place themselves on each other’s feet without difficulty. They perceive the feelings and emotions of others even if they are not communicated verbally.

2. They are not perfectionists:

Perfectionists generally tend to finish projects later than they should and have difficulty completing tasks. Instead, people with emotional intelligence are absolutely aware that perfection does not exist. And since they are not afraid of making mistakes themselves they enable their possibility of a more relaxed life and a deep learning of each experience.

3. They are balanced:

“These people know very well what a balanced life means, so they are able to set priorities according to their desires and what the context suggests in each case”. For example, they get enough sleep. Feed adequately and contemplate their own interests as well as those of others.

4. Do not live in the past:

People with emotional intelligence live the present and enjoy all the events it provides (even if it is negative situations). In general, they do not stagnate in the past but have their mind and heart open to what they can reach in the future.

5. Embrace the changes:

As they are not afraid to make mistakes, they have a special devotion to the challenges and throw themselves at them with confidence and conviction. They flow with the changes that are presented to them in everyday life and they encourage modifying what they dislike.

6. Practice listening attentively:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Before issuing a judgment, people with emotional intelligence are engaged in listening”. They develop their ability to separate themselves from their emotions in order to be as open as possible to the messages they receive from others.