Yoram Yasur Rubin: Causes of nightmares

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Nightmares usually occur when we sleep more deeply during the REM phase. At this stage the eyes move quickly. But our body is paralyzed as the brain disconnects the motor zones. To avoid that we can move and hurt us during one of those dreams. However, what causes nightmares?

– Too much stress.

Stress is one of the main triggers of nightmares. Tensions accumulated throughout the day can have repercussions on dreams as the dream activity is often an expression of our daily fears and concerns. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Heidelberg in 840 high performance athletes Revealed that 15% of them used to have nightmares before the competition. Therefore, if you are very stressed, those tensions are likely to manifest during sleep.

– Expose yourself to a shocking situation before bedtime. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “The last thing you do before bedtime greatly influences your dreams. So, if you see a horror movie, you’re reading a creepy book or you’ve received shocking news, those latest experiences are likely to be reflected in your dreams”. Even the violent scenes or news you see on the TV can be reflected in your dreams, although when you are awake think that they have not impacted you. Therefore, if you want to sleep peacefully, you should make sure that nothing disturbs the last few hours before you go to bed.

– Little sleep. It has been found that long periods of sleep deprivation cause an increase in nightmares. Contrary to popular belief, when we do not get enough sleep our brain goes into a state of excitement that makes it difficult to reconcile a restful sleep. That’s the reason nightmares are more vivid when you sleep for several days. In fact, they are also more common in people who suffer from chronic pain and have trouble sleeping.

– Negative life experiences.

“Dreams embody many details of our everyday life, though usually in an abstract way”. That is why, the most common thing is that nightmares revolve around the experiences we have had throughout the day. In fact, a study carried out at Harvard University that analyzed the dreams and nightmares of 20 people, concluded that the most usual is to appear content for the last two or seven days. Although in some cases the cause of the nightmare is older and goes back to autobiographical experiences, especially if they have been shocking and we have not completely overcome them.

– Characteristics of personality.

Certain person logical features can make us more likely to have nightmares. A study in the 1980s found that people who had nightmares often also shared three traits: mistrust, alienation, and emotional detachment. Another study in The Graduate Theological Union revealed that people who have a more conservative political tendency also report more nightmares than liberals.

– Diseases and Drugs.

Sometimes the cause of nightmares is in an illness. Studies have found that people with epilepsy, sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome are more likely to have nightmares because they have a more irregular sleep pattern. Bad dreams are also common in people suffering from depression, phobias, and post-traumatic stress. In addition, it is known that some medications can increase the chances of having nightmares. Especially those that alter the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain, such as antidepressants, antiparkinsonians, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines.

– Dinner too copious.

Eating too much before going to bed is one of the causes of nightmares because it implies that you will not have done the digestion properly, so that your metabolism will be more active, will increase body temperature and, thus, stimulate brain activity. This way, you may not be able to sleep well and have nightmares.

What if nightmares were ways to solve our problems?


yoram yasur causes-nightmares


The good news is that not all evil comes to do harm. In fact, one of the theories that tries to explain the origin and meaning of nightmares hypothesizes. That they are due to that at that moment we are thinking about some complicated matter. And our mind tries to deal with it. During the day, when we think of something that stresses or frightens us. We simply push that idea out of our mind by engaging in another activity, but when we are asleep. Our mind wanders aimlessly and we cannot resort to distractions. Then the nightmares appear.

Per this theory, in many cases nightmares are responsible for reproducing difficult scenarios to help us. Find solutions that can serve us during the day. Or simply to incite us to react to adversity. In this way, even if they frighten us, they would not be so “bad”.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Emotional intelligence

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Today we hear a lot about these two words: emotional intelligence. It is that the society in which we live not only values. The logical intelligence dominated by the left hemisphere. Gradually begins to discover and ponder those aspects of the person that are linked to the management of emotions and empathy.


yoram yasur emotional-intelligence


Emotional intelligence picks up the concepts that belong to the world of feelings and that allows the human being to develop in an integral way in the world today. These are 10 characteristics that define a person with emotional intelligence, discover if you are one of them!

1. Are empathic:

People with emotional intelligence can place themselves on each other’s feet without difficulty. They perceive the feelings and emotions of others even if they are not communicated verbally.

2. They are not perfectionists:

Perfectionists generally tend to finish projects later than they should and have difficulty completing tasks. Instead, people with emotional intelligence are absolutely aware that perfection does not exist. And since they are not afraid of making mistakes themselves they enable their possibility of a more relaxed life and a deep learning of each experience.

3. They are balanced:

“These people know very well what a balanced life means, so they are able to set priorities according to their desires and what the context suggests in each case”. For example, they get enough sleep. Feed adequately and contemplate their own interests as well as those of others.

4. Do not live in the past:

People with emotional intelligence live the present and enjoy all the events it provides (even if it is negative situations). In general, they do not stagnate in the past but have their mind and heart open to what they can reach in the future.

5. Embrace the changes:

As they are not afraid to make mistakes, they have a special devotion to the challenges and throw themselves at them with confidence and conviction. They flow with the changes that are presented to them in everyday life and they encourage modifying what they dislike.

6. Practice listening attentively:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Before issuing a judgment, people with emotional intelligence are engaged in listening”. They develop their ability to separate themselves from their emotions in order to be as open as possible to the messages they receive from others.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: These 7 light dinners will allow you to sleep better.

Yoram Yasur Rubin | A homemade hamburger with two pretzel breads with egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, garnishes and more … Don’t you want to have this for dinner? Yes me too.

But I discovered that when I chose this type of food for the night, I have complicated dreams, not sleeping soundly and … the day after is very difficult to face.


yoram yasur light-dinners-sleep-better


I got up, heavy with an upset stomach and not wanting to eat breakfast. That is to say, I obviated the most important food: breakfast. I changed my way of eating. Now breakfast is the most important and dinner is the lightest. Since I implemented these changes, my rest changed! And my mornings too. Do you want to sleep better? Eat these foods at night and you can rest like a baby!

1. Pasta with soy sprouts:

If you want to sleep very well a pasta dish with soy sprouts can be great. Soy contains a high concentration of amino acid that promotes sleep and is also a super food.

2. Salad with walnuts:

Walnuts are essential for resting like a baby. Accompany a salad with these nuts. You will see how insomnia problems will go away instantly!

3. Salmon with green leaves:

“Salmon accompanied by a mattress of green leaves will not only make you feel satisfied, but it will allow you to sleep in the best way”.

4. Lentil burger:

Lentils can be extremely good for falling asleep though … it depends on what you’re eating. That is to say, a stew with lentils can be delicious but surely it will not help you sleep better. Try to make lentil burgers, you will see that it will be a delicious meal and also will allow you to sleep like a baby!

5. Spinach pie:

Spinach has a lot of nutrients and one of them, tryptophan, promotes sleep. Make a spinach pie! … And you will not have trouble sleeping.

6. Baked sweet potato:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Not only are they delicious, but they are perfect for your rest. They also have potassium to help you relax your muscles. A bowl of baked potatoes will fill you up and you’ll be ready to sleep like a baby”.

7. Turkey with salad:

The turkey just like spinach contains tryptophan. That is to say it will help you sleep, but … make sure you do not accompany it with something very heavy.

If one day you do not want to dine but avoid a big meal, have a glass of milk! It is not for every day. But this drink will allow you to sleep well and benefit your health. Do you want to sleep peacefully? These foods will help you achieve this.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Acupuncture laser needles

Yoram Yasur Rubin | It has taken more than 5000 years for the needles used in classical acupuncture to undergo. A surprising transformation and evolve today. Becoming simple and colorful beams of light.

Modern acupuncturists are gradually replacing traditional needles, by laser needles.

yoram yasur acupuncture-laser-needles


These last needles not only treat the patient with the goodness and warmth of light. But also provide the therapeutic benefits already known by acupuncture. Significantly enhance their effectiveness.

Laser needles are a current discovery, have their origin in deep physical investigations in which. They sought a method of stimulation of acupuncture points that. Did not have to be neither invasive nor painful nor fearful for some. Especially for children and some adult patients.

The German physicist Fritz A. Popp discovered the photo-bio-luminescence the capacity that the body must produce light. And the transmission that exists in the neurons by means of “lights”.

Our brain and our body contain light. And, although this is something that has always existed in the body. Increasingly scientists are interested in this phenomenon that prove it. And use this knowledge for different purposes.

“Light is part of the body and innumerable nerve impulses, it originates life and makes it possible. Guided by this, physicists developed a method where they discovered that focused. And guided light with a certain intensity brought, in addition to the benefits of light, an additional therapeutic benefit. It is possible to say that the great difference between the classic needles. And the lasers, is that these last ones obtain a greater stimulation of the nociceptive fibers. Of the selected acupuncture point, and in this process the absorbed photons act at level of mitochondria. Increasing the enzymatic activity and the synthesis of ATP”.

In addition, with these laser needles

Also possible to use the benefits of colors that had previously been used in other alternative therapies such as chromotherapy, where the patient is healed through the colors, which, depending on their frequency and vibration, have the capacity to heal, stimulate and benefit certain aspects of the organism. Thus, laser needles use these same chromotherapeutic bases to enhance the healing effects of traditional acupuncture.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Working on your personal brand

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Not too long ago, a company’s brand was absolutely everything. And its founders and employer, simply by-products of it. But with the explosion of social networking and the boom of real-time connections. It has brought the personal brand to the forefront of combat. Practically the personal branding has become the ‘must have’ of every professional. Who wants to grow constantly.


yoram yasur working-personal-brand


The construction of a personal brand is not a matter of two days or a week of intense work. But should be a daily exercise. And it is not only a facet reserved for the entrepreneurs or high positions of the companies. They can also (and in fact, must) to exercise it any type of professional.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “If the personal brand still sounds very distant and you do not know where to start. Here are five guidelines not only to generate your own branding. But also to encourage people around you to do the same”.

Identify and highlight what makes you unique. Every professional has a quirk that makes them unique on the planet, be it a capacity to face adversities with positive attitude as an inspiring story that, in fact, is the one that prompted you to open your own business. Think carefully about what that trait is in your case, identify the factors and highlight it whenever you need to use your personal brand.

To constantly teach others.

Think of opinion leaders in personal development or the world of investment: their personal brands are visible from the moon within their industries, and much of their success is due to their ability to teach others to be successful people. The leader you are thinking about probably writes articles on powerful media, has a frequent presence in the media, and helps build connections between professionals. In this way, you are constantly strengthening your authority in the field in which you compete.

Do not lose sight of other examples of personal branding. You’ll save time and effort in finding exercises to create your personal brand. If you find out what has worked for other people who seem to be leaders, you can apply your success story to your own personal process.

Build a good narrative of your career.

Report on your own history, and do not skip a detail of your milestones. Do not forget to introduce personal and motivational elements so that your story is not just a string of professional achievements. People like to see the person behind the leader. Expose that narrative in all the platforms and occasions that are at your fingertips: from your personal blog and your social networks to the conferences you impart.

Turn into social media.

“Social networks are the perfect setting to make the most of your personal brand. Connect with other profiles and begin to expose your own original content to teach, entertain and bring added value”. It offers leadership advice and shares unique stories from your vision at the core of your business or your professional position.

Motivational quotes from other leaders work great on social networks. Of course, remember that networks are another channel of communication, almost an extension of yourself: take care of it, keep them away from pernicious polemics and conveys a positive attitude.

Yoram Yasur Rubin; Is cancer bad luck?

Yoram Yasur Rubin | The risk of cancer is not only due to genetic or random factors. Certain modifiable lifestyles condition a person’s cancer risk. These include diet, physical activity, alcohol, and tobacco use or exposure to radiation.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Per the latest updated data provided by the World Health Organization, in 2012 14 million new cases were diagnosed and this figure is expected to increase by 70% in the coming decades. The most frequent tumors are colon cancer, followed by prostate cancer, lung, breast, and bladder. It is estimated that 3 out of 10 men and 2 out of 10 women died in 2012 from cancer.

In 2015, the prestigious journal Science published an investigation concluding that two-thirds of cancers are due to ‘bad luck’, i.e., random mutations occurring during DNA replication; While only a third is attributed to external and environmental factors in which we can influence, through certain lifestyles. These figures provoked extensive debate and in 2016 the Nature Journal published a study which concluded that lifestyle and exposure to certain environmental risk factors influence the development of 70-90% of cancers. This study noted that control of certain factors such as smoking, alcohol, poor diet and physical inactivity may modulate the risk of cancer.

Latest advances against cancer:

Epidemiological data tell us that, for example, in the United Kingdom 43% of cancer cases and 50% of cancer deaths in 2010 were attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. Despite discrepancies in percentages, we now know that many types of cancer are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and that ‘bad luck’, in the end, is not as influential as previously thought. But what habits can help reduce the risk of cancer?

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “A higher body mass index – which is the ratio between weight (kg) and height (meters) squared and therefore dependent on your weight – is associated with an increased risk of suffering 17 of the 22 most common cancers”. Thus, reducing obesity through exercise and diet and reducing the intake of sugars and saturated fats, is an effective method to reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, consumption of processed foods and sugar-rich products increases prostate cancer risk by up to three times, while the consumption of complex carbohydrates and fiber present in legumes, fruits and whole grains is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer, breast, and prostate cancer.

Physical activity reduces the risk of cancer through the reduction of obesity. But also through the release of chemicals that the muscle releases into the blood distributed throughout the body’s tissues. In a study involving about a million and a half people. It was possible to verify that those who performed higher levels of physical. Activity in their free time showed a lower risk of developing 13 of the 26 types of cancer analyzed. Recently, active women have been shown to have up to 71% less risk of breast cancer. Regardless of whether they are thin or overweight.

Another known responsible for increasing the risk of cancer

Specifically lung cancer, is tobacco. Per estimates by the Spanish Association Against Cancer up to 90% of lung cancers occur in smokers whereas 30% of cancer deaths can be caused by smoking. However, alcohol also increases the risk of some types of cancer. It is estimated that 3.6% of all cancers are attributed to alcohol consumption.

Although the negative effect comes from alcohol abuse, some evidence suggests that intake. Of a daily alcoholic beverage increases the risk of cancer for the oropharyngeal.

Esophagus and breast cavity.

“Different types of radiation may increase the risk of some forms of cancer”. Thus, prolonged exposure to non-ionizing ultraviolet radiation, the Sun, can cause skin cancer. Or melanoma, the most common form of cancer in the world. Ionizing radiations, such as those used to obtain medical images, can induce some types of cancer.

yoram yasur cancer-bad-luck


In conclusion, beyond the ‘bad luck’ that accompanies the risk of suffering some tumors. Following certain lifestyles will increase our chances of developing cancer.

Not everything is random in cancer. But each person has the power to minimize their risk through habits that reduce their obesity, physical inactivity. Alcohol and tobacco consumption or prolonged exposure to radiation. In fact, the so-called ‘toxic cancer triad’. Which includes physical inactivity, low physical fitness, and obesity, raises the incidence of cancer and mortality.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Adversity shows our strength

Yoram Yasur Rubin | No one wants to find obstacles in their projects, suffer losses or must deal with adversity. A negative halo surrounds all these situations. Especially because in our society. We have become accustomed to polarize the experiences. Cataloging them as positive and therefore desirable and others as negative and therefore undesirable.

However, Taoist philosophy of life teaches us that the “positive” and the “negative” are conjugated in all situations and that as bad is an excess of negativity as an excess of positivity. To achieve a more balanced life, it is desirable to learn to see the positive in the negative, to understand the teaching behind failure, and to focus on how to recover after a fall.


yoram yasur adversity-shows-strength


Only adversity allows you to discover your true strength:

When we must face situations that take us out of our comfort zone, when we stop swimming in calm waters and are forced to face the fury of the tide, we must activate our psychological resources to survive. In that moment of internal struggle can produce a psychological change, a learning that makes us more resilient people.

In fact, a person who does not know adversity does not fully know themselves, does not know what their limits are, and has not tested their strength. That is why we can understand adversity as a sort of telescope that, instead of directing outward, must focus on the inside.

In this way, when we leave that situation, we will not see life in the same way and we ourselves will have changed. We will have enriched our “psychological toolbox”. That is why we can understand adversity as a test of self-knowledge.

Resilience is like a muscle that is put to the test in adversity:

“Resilience is the ability to come out strengthened from a situation. It is not simply a matter of passing the bad breath and continuing as always, but of developing new resources that we did not have to project ourselves into the future and deal better with the new problems that will be presented”.

This indicates that resilience is like a muscle that is trained and strengthened in adversity. If we have already gone through complicated situations and we have left them, when adversity returns to show its face, we will have more confidence in our ability to face the windstorm.

In fact, a study conducted at Boston College indicates. That resilient people can experience positive emotions even during stressful situations. In this way, they can reduce their level of physiological activation and quickly find a new equilibrium.

In resilient people, some brain circuits also work differently. Especially the anterior insula, an area that is responsible for producing an emotionally relevant context for the situations. We live and that is linked to basic emotions such as pain, fear and hate. This means that in resilient people, the insula is only active against stimuli that are negative. Which allows them to “preserve” their psychological resources and avoid useless stress.

Adversity only makes sense when it leads to learning and growth:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: “Undoubtedly, adversity is not synonymous with growth. Not all people grow up with problems, there are those who rush to leave them behind without having learned anything.

Others take a negative attitude or become chronic victims, something that will only bring more problems and misfortunes”.

That is why, in the face of adversity, it is necessary to adopt a proactive attitude.

We cannot expect life to pose challenges and obstacles. But we can prepare to overcome them and grow.

In the face of difficult situations, ask yourself what you can learn and how they can help you to be a stronger and more positive person.

It is likely to be difficult at first, but when you get to quieter waters. It is important to reflect on the experience. Only then will that pain and suffering make any sense.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: 6 things that happen to your body when you stop drinking alcohol

Yoram Yasur Rubin | Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without alcohol?

Surely knowing this reality will stimulate you to go down the path of moderation the next time you drop a drink in your hands.

This is all that will change if you propose not to go to this type of drinks so often:


yoram yasur things-happen-stop-alcohol


1. You will sleep much better:

A recent study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research indicates that the consumption of alcohol before sleeping increases the levels of patterns of the alpha waves, which occur when the brain is in activity even if we are at rest. As a result, the quality of the sleep descends of notorious form. Therefore, if you elude the alcohol your brain will not be in state of alert and you will be able to sleep with more depth.

2. You will eat much less:

Yoram Yasur Rubin: 2According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition publication, drinking alcohol drives us to eat more”. A limited amount of alcoholic beverages can increase the activity of the hypothalamus and this makes our senses more sensitive to the smell of food and develops the desire to ingest more food.

3. You will consume fewer calories:

Drinking alcohol increases your daily calorie intake. A glass of margarita, to give you an example, brings more than 300 calories. Therefore, eliminating alcohol from your diet will save you those extra calories you’ve been consuming so far.

4. Your skin will look hydrated and smoother:

Your skin will look much more hydrated and smooth when you stop drinking alcohol.

“What happens is that your body will be in a better position to absorb all the water it needs. You will notice that the reddish patches around the nose and on the cheeks will begin to fade”.

5. You will save money:

This is an obvious reason … when you stop drinking, all the money you spent for this purpose will remain in your wallet.

6. You will have a better state of mind:

It is known that excessive alcohol can cause behavioral disorders that can become very serious. If you stop drinking alcohol, your overall mood will improve and your self-esteem will rise, which will influence your behavior towards other people and yourself.

It’s amazing to know how many benefits it brings to stop drinking. It only remains for you to start having a much healthier lifestyle.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: This is the diet you should start eating if you want to take care of your brain

Yoram Yasur Rubin | We all know well the importance of the brain in our lives: it is the organ that processes information.

Which controls voluntary and involuntary movements, which performs mental functions as fundamental as memory or learning…

That is why specialists are always insisting that we lead a lifestyle that is healthy for that organ.

of course, within the most common recommendations is to eat foods whose properties protect it. But what is the best diet to take care for the brain?

The best plan: the Mediterranean diet:


yoram yasur diet-take-care-brain


According to a recent study from the University of Edinburgh the answer is the Mediterranean diet. This is rich in vegetables, fruits, olive oil and whole grains.

In turn, supposes the moderate intake of proteins and fats of animal origin. To reach this conclusion, the researchers measured brain volume using magnetic resonance imaging of 401 people. First when they were 73 years old and again when they reached 76. All participants were healthy and free of dementia at the start of the study.

In addition, experts classified how closely their typical diet fit the Mediterranean. After considering certain factors as if participants had diabetes or hypertension, the researchers found that the more people adhere to a Mediterranean-style diet, the lower the loss of brain volume. Specifically, those who adopted a diet more similar to the Mediterranean averaged 10 milliliters more total brain volume compared to those who did not. Michelle Luciano, the study’s lead author, said that this difference might be due to the fact that foods in the Mediterranean diet have a protective effect.

What foods constitute the Mediterranean diet?

  • Vegetables, nuts such as walnuts, legumes, fruits such as orange, lemon, melon, apples, grapes.
  • Olive oil as the main source of fat.
  • The wine consumed in moderate amounts. No more than one glass a day.
  • Fish such as tuna, salmon, cod.
  • Pasta as the main source of carbohydrates.
  • If you consume some type of meat, this is always either chicken or turkey. They are lean meats.

“To this diet so balanced, varied and healthy, you are joined by life habits as beneficial. Walking daily in the sun. Absorbing the needy vitamin D, the importance of breakfast, family eating in a relaxed. And quiet way… Habits we sometimes neglect due to our obligations and which are an essential part of our health”.

So, if you want to explore a new food plan this year, the Mediterranean is an excellent choice. In addition to benefiting the brain, it is also good for reducing the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: These foods have many calories, but they are healthier than you think!

Yoram Yasur Rubin | We usually obsess tremendously with calories: we fall into the conviction that only by controlling them, we can lose weight. However, most of the time, calories are not the most important factor in enjoying a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. In fact, there are foods that are super caloric that can help us achieve these goals.

It is preferable that we maintain a balanced and healthy diet than cutting out endless calories to be able to lose weight more quickly: over time, you will discover that only the first option will make you lose weight and stay healthy.


Yoram yasur foods-calories



This food is very caloric just as delicious and expensive and has a very bad reputation. However, science has proven that the fat it provides is very healthy. What am I talking about? 90% of the fats are not saturated. In addition, it has high numbers of proteins and fibers. For all these reasons, pistachios constitute the snack you need to feel satisfied.


We say “raisins” and immediately think of sugar and calories. Sure you’ll say: please, stay away from me! However … you should not be so afraid. Raisins are a completely healthy food and also have no added sugars – less than the commas inside sweet bread -. It has been found to be a very healthy snack and it is advisable that a person that suffers from diabetes consumes them.

Coconut flour:

Yes, it is true; the coconut flour has a greater amount of calories than other more traditional flours. However, in addition to calories, it offers much more protein and fiber. Yoram Yasur Rubin: “If you start using it in your preparations, your blood sugar levels may decrease. In turn, you will feel more satisfied”.

Olive oil:

How delicious olive oil is, and how many calories it has. However, all you have of caloric content there is healthy. “Their fats are very beneficial to the heart. Also, this variety of oil brings a lot of antioxidants that are ideal to prevent the effects of aging and enhance the proper functioning of our body”.

Bitter chocolate:

What are we waiting for! Chocolate is very caloric in itself, it makes a big difference: it is much more nutritious than other chocolates and even healthier than many other foods. Bitter chocolate can help to balance cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. So what if you give yourself a piece of this delicious sweet daily?

These foods are super caloric, but that is not why you should avoid them. On the contrary, I would recommend that you integrate them into your diet, so it will be much more nutritious and balanced! And, of course, your weight will stay much more stable.